Mohamed Hadid Is Pretty Sure His Designs Are Amazing, Actually

Mohamed Hadid, real estate developer and father to supermodels Gigi and Bella, was recently sentenced to community service and required to pay a series of fines after pleading no contest to misdemeanor connected to a gigantically illegal and almost impossibly unattractive unfinished Bel Air giga-mansion that appears to be threatening the lives of the millionaires unfortunate enough to be living downhill from it.


Since the Los Angeles Times broke the story, Hadid has apparently taken issue with the influx of negative press that’s followed. Hadid insists, via his Instagram page, that the “starship enterprise,” as an angry neighbor nicknamed it, is not going anywhere and will in fact be “one of the most beautiful homes that LA has ever seen.”

And who says this guy is not great at design? Look at this marble and glass thing:

Just FYI:


God, as we all know, has a soft spot for rich men who made their name building hideously expensive shock-value properties, and particularly those who allegedly called their elderly neighbor a “bitch” for not handing over some of her acreage:


And here’s a real head-scratcher:


I’m not sure if this is an intentional dig at the LA Times for their coverage (if so, his followers certainly didn’t catch on), but this is definitely a November 2015 article from Inside Out, a Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage publication.

Anyway, if you don’t follow Mohamed Hadid on Instagram I do highly recommend it. He sells sunglasses, too! I have no idea why!


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