Models Karlie Kloss and Lyndsey Scott Encourage Women to Learn Coding

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Supermodel and Taylor Swift BFF, Karlie Kloss has started a foundation aimed at teaching girls and young women how to code. Kode with Karlie provides scholarships and an intense two-week training course where young women can learn the basics of coding.


The model took the two-week course herself and since has become a passionate advocate for coding. During a speech, Kloss said:

“Over the last year I started taking coding classes and realized how creative coding truly is. Code is going to continue to play a major role in defining our future. I think it’s crucial that young women learn to code as early as possible to ensure that we as young women have a voice and a stake in what the world looks like.”

The AP notes that Kloss isn’t the first Victoria’s Secret model to become a vocal supporter of coding. Lyndsey Scott earned a degree in computer science, and “continues to combine programming with her modelling work.” Scott said:

“I think people put too much stock in beauty and there are people [that] maybe do programming and some other things but aren’t getting the attention they deserve because they’re not a Victoria Secret model. I’ve been programming longer than I’ve been modelling.”

Scott is also a mentor at Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that also provides coding education to teenage girls.

Both Scott’s and Kloss’ efforts are meant to close the very wide gender gap that pervades the tech industry, as well attract teenage girls who might not perceive themselves as programmers.


Founder of Decode, Kathryn Parsons praised Kloss’ initiative. “Karlie Kloss might make a lot of women consider that they might give coding a go,” Parsons told the AP. “Anything that can break up who it is for or should be for is incredibly valuable.”

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I don’t think it’s teaching girls to code that is the answer (though it is incredibly noble and laudable!). It’s giving girls and women the support when they get to the tech sector to survive and flourish, to give them support in high school and college where being into tech and science is thought of as uncool. Teaching a girl to code is one thing, helping a girl to survive the gauntlet of systematic misogynistic bullshit when they get a job in IT is a whole other story.