Model Manicure: Film Noir

Illustration for article titled Model Manicure: Film Noir

[New York, February 17. Image via Getty]


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A Small Turnip

Wow. Who is she? She's....she's breathtaking. I can barely tear my eyes off that picture to type this. Look at those lips, those eyes, that skin! She is painfully, searingly lovely. Hers is the kind of beauty that burns your retinas to look at for too long.

I wish so fervently that we saw more of this strand of beauty. There's such richness there, such blinding allure. I feel like we, as ravenous and enthusiastic consumers of popular culture and media, deserve so much more than we're getting. One of these days, somebody sitting in some boardroom in some glinting skyscraper is finally going to realise that, and they are going to make absolutely pots of money.