Model Coco Rocha Engulfed In Series Of Cat-Fights Between ANTM Contestants

World renowned model Coco Rocha stopped by America's Next Top Model last night not only to judge, but to participate in a photo shoot with all of the contestants. Bless her heart. The theme of the day was a violent cat fight, and the challenge generally paired two girls who didn't like each other together to work with Coco. Surprisingly, the girls who didn't get along very well, like Bianca and Shannon, churned out a series great photos while others ...didn't do as well. There was Angelea, who walked off the set in tears after overhearing what the photographer and Jay Manuel were saying about her, and Bre, who decided it was a good idea to scream her lungs out during the whole shoot, which was not only bizarre, but frightened Coco enough that she "didn't even know how to pose anymore."

Surprise! It was Bre and Alexandria's photo that came in last place at the judge's panel. Though Alexandria was told by Tyra that she looked like "some reality show contestant that got to do a photo shoot with a super model" — which she, um, is — Bre's freaky screaming, along with Coco's distaste over working with her, eventually got her sent packing. Who wants to make a bet that this is the last time Coco Rocha ever lends her talent to a reality series again?

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I haven't watched this show in a few years but I'm glad I watched those clips. Not only was watching Bre scream just hilarious, but it was actually super cool to watch Ms. Rocha work. And WORK she did!