Model Cameron Russell Is Collecting Stories Of Alleged Sexual Harassment in Fashion

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In the days after Hollywood began to reckon with the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, women in different industries came out with their own stories of sexual harassment and assault. Model Cameron Russell helped add to that group’s startling numbers when she posted a screenshot on Instagram of an anonymous model’s account of sexual assault. She continued posting screenshots of other anonymous stories she was receiving to her account as they came.


With over 45 stories and counting, models (both women and men) anonymously recounted instances of photographers asking for oral sex, masturbating in front of them, forcing models to take their clothes off, touching models inappropriately and more. “I felt uncool or a prude if I didn’t respond in a ‘oh it’s art’ kind of way,” one model wrote. “But I felt violated and angry.” Some models allege that their agencies did not care when they reported photographer behavior.

And while it’s not surprising that modeling is a profession plagued by sexual harassment (look no further than the work of Terry Richardson, who still has a successful career in spite of allegations against him) reading the stories all together on the same page is damning and a reminder that Weinstein-level behavior has existed, in the open, in fashion for decades.

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Seeing most comments are referring to Terry Richardson, but let’s make no mistake here: abusive photographers are extremely common in fashion. They are on sets, day in and day out, with direct access to vulnerable young women. Richardson’s brand of photography is particularly provocative and he looks like a pretty weird dude, so there was more of a discussion around him and a lot of “oh, duh, that guy.” Which is true, he is horrific. But there are a bunch of well-dressed, normal but “artsy” and cool men out there who are just as bad, and I wish they would be outed as well.