Model Behavior: On Jesse James, Tiger Woods, And Sex With "Trashy Girls"

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Jesse James and Tiger Woods have become known for their dalliances with porn stars and fetish models — or, as AskMen puts it, "trashy girls." Would their cheating have been somehow more acceptable if they were banging librarians?


James stands accused of cheating on Sandra Bullock not only with tattoo model (and possible neo-Nazi) Michelle McGee, but also with stripper Melissa Smith, fetish model/photographer Brigitte Daguerre, and another model who has apparently retained the services of Gloria Allred. Us Weekly claims he used to post ads for biker models, and that his "type" was "hot, tattooed biker chicks with big boobs" — which, based on images of his alleged mistresses, appears to be true. Tiger Woods, meanwhile, has been linked to porn star Joslyn James, lingerie model Jamie Jungers, Playboy model Loredana Jolie, and ex-porn star Holly Sampson, among others. These women have a few things in common — their careers, their willingness to sleep with married men — and surely many differences, but AskMen's Kevin Conklin boils all this down to one question: "Why do men seem to hook up with the trashy girls?"

His answer: "they will do anything." Conklin explains,

Most "trashy" girls are as edgy as they look. In Michelle McGee's case, she has tattoos all over her body — even on her face. This is good for two reasons. Either she doesn't care what people think about her or she is one that strives for acceptance. If she doesn't care, then she's free for anything as long as it satisfies her needs. Opposite to that, if the tattoos are a way of fitting in, then she will look for acceptance from men (you) too. What's the one thing that satisfies every man on earth? Dumb question.

Of course, it's silly to expect nuance from AskMen, but it's worth pointing out that facial tattoos don't necessarily mean anything about a woman's sexual mores. And while it certainly matters, at least to Sandra Bullock, that her husband cheated, should it really matter what "type" of woman he did it with? Apparently this mattered to Elin Nordegren — a source apparently told RadarOnline, "she was told Tiger slept with a porn star and she said it made her want to throw up." Nordegren is pretty much entitled to her nausea over any part of her husband's infidelities, but were James and Sampson really "two of Tiger Woods' most scandalous alleged mistresses," as the Huffington Post wrote? Would it have been less scandalous if he'd had sex with kindergarten teachers, or soccer moms (it's worth noting that several of Woods's mistresses, including James, are moms)? HuffPo has this part right:

[B]y far the most shocking claim from James is the allegation that Woods impregnated her twice, resulting from regular unprotected sex — a charge leveled by other mistresses as well.


Fucking a porn star doesn't necessarily make infidelity worse, but fucking without a condom certainly does. There's been a lot of focus on the women involved with both James and Woods — Rachel Uchitel's mob ties, Melissa Smith's personal ads, Michelle McGee's fetish performances. But ultimately, it doesn't much matter what these women do or who they are — the truly "trashy" ones are the men who cheated on their wives.

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I was just thinking the other day what if Jesse had cheated with another famous, lovable actress? or a doctor, let's say (since these women's professions, or lack there of are subject to such criticism)? Would it make a difference? The truth is I don't know since I only entertained that thought for a little while.

I will say this though, my bestfriend just found out her (sex-addict IMO) ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her cousin and with a stripper (and many other women, including a bestfriend of ours), but for some reason the fact that he slept with a stripper bothered her the most. She went on and on about how disgusting that was, etc. and I just thought, you know, a stripper is just another girl, yes she works in the sex industry, but she's just another girl he cheated on her with, while a cousin is, yes just another girl, but also part your family.

I just couldn't understand why she felt more betrayed because he slept with a "dirty" girl, rather than a blood relative (whom she was very close to btw).

Anyways, IMO these women are not "trashy" because they have tattoos, big boobs or are strippers, pornstars (etc.) I find them trashy because they seek to gain from other people's misfortunes, humiliation in exchange for money and notoriety. I find them trashy because they think being infamous for being someone's mistress is a relevant form of success. I find them trashy because they (or at least McGee) feed on the backlash they get for their actions and then try to play the victim or at least someone so naive, they just happen to have sleept with a married person and just happened to have kept all their text msgs/e-mails, etc. for proof. You know, that whole "I didn't know they where married, but I'm gonna keep that incriminating e-mail/picture just in case..." excuse.

Don't get me wrong I know the men in these affairs are the ones most at fault here, because they are the ones who where in these "committed" relationship before they cheated (and for that they are pretty trashy IMO). I also understand how people can get caught up in relationship with other married men/women, but to later seek financial compensation/fame for a consensual, sexual relationship you chose to have with someone whom you knew was committed to another person is "trashy" IMO, and to do it without any concern for what that selfish pursuit for personal gain would do to the actual victims (in these cases, the women/children), makes you a trashy person.