Mo’Nique Does Some Math and Makes Several Good Points In Front of Her Many, Many Awards

Image via Instagram.
Image via Instagram.

This weekend, Mo’Nique began a vocal crusade against gender and race pay disparity in Hollywood. She claims to have been offered $500,000 by Netflix for a comedy special, while “Amy Schumer was offered $11 million, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock $20 million.” Her video opened the floodgates, and Wanda Sykes quickly revealed her offer from Netflix was around $250,000 for a special of her own.


But Mo’Nique is not finished talking. In a video uploaded to Instagram Monday evening, she continues her argument (presumably because she was told that Schumer is simply more “bankable” than she is). While standing in front of a shelf filled with awards—including her Oscar for Precious—she and husband Sidney calmly share budget and box office numbers for two recent comedies: one starring Amy Schumer, and another starring...her.

“We’ve been hearing a lot of conversation in reference to bankability,” Sidney begins. “So we thought we would do a little fact checking.”

Then it’s Mo’Nique’s turn:

“In 2017, Amy Schumer did a film called Snatched. That film made $45 million domestically. In 2016, I did a film called Almost Christmas. That film made $42 million domestically. Amy Schumer’s budget for Snatched was $42 million...Almost Christmas’s budget was $17 million...Could somebody please make it make sense?”

The video was weirdly staged and the delivery was wooden and uncomfortable, but she has a point! A good one!


Side note: Snatched is one of the worst movies I saw last year, and Almost Christmas is absolutely fine.


Bella Thorne, her kooky boyfriend Mod Sun, and three other members of her “entourage” were kicked out of a hotel in Park City, Utah after being caught smoking weed. Thorne was at Sundance to promote her new film Assassination Nation, which is actually getting some great reviews.


A source tells Page Six:

“They were seen rushing out of the hotel hours before the premiere. There were so many bags, they needed a trail car to carry them...She called in sick for most of her press interviews on Monday. She canceled everything in the morning.”


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I’m still at a loss as to why supporting her is worth withdrawing support for all of Netflix’s other top notch POC content like Chewing Gum, She’s Gotta Have It, Dear White People, Luke Cage, or OINTB. Monique isn’t in for the sisterhood so much as she’s in it for Monique.