Mixed Reaction As Strauss-Kahn Returns To France

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When we last checked in with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, he said he wanted to "apologize" several times, but it was unclear if the "mistake" he referred to involved forcing hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo to perform oral sex on him. On Sunday he returned to Paris, and was suddenly jovial, though quiet about the matter. He said only "a bientot," and smiled as he wheeled his luggage through Charles de Gaulle airport. Later outside his home, he and his wife waved at paparazzi before heading inside.


Reaction to Strauss-Kahn's return was mixed. Former French Culture Minister Jack Lang, who lives down the block, said:

"I am a happy neighbor ... Finally, they are freed from this humiliating and unjust situation. They proved to have an amazing strength."

Later in an interview, French First Lady Carla Bruni said of the case against the man who was once a frontrunner to challenge her husband for the French presidency:

"I am a bit confused, and I simply detested all the machismo reaction that followed. When women are belittled and attacked, I tend to take their side and feel solidarity with them."

Though you might be fooled by Strauss-Kahn's demeanor, he's still facing a civil suit filed by Diallo and a criminal complaint filed by writer Tristane Banon, who says he tried to rape her in 2003.

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Hyman Decent

I was intrigued that the source cited for the interview of Carla Bruni is ANI / Hindustan Times. I didn't think the first lady of France would give an interview to that news service / newspaper instead of a French channel or publication. So I checked it out. That article cites The Scotsman, which in turn mentions "France's TF1 television news." Hopefully the reporter for The Scotsman translated her remarks correctly. Maybe you French-speakers out there can track down this interview online and see for yourselves.

Curiously, The Scotsman states, "Mr Strauss-Kahn admitted having sex with her, but his lawyers successfully argued it has been a consensual [sic] and that his alleged victim had lied to police and was 'unreliable'." The Hindustan Times says much the same. *Facepalm* at the inaccuracies.