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Mitt Romney Says There's 'No Legit Reason' Donald Trump Can't Release Tax Audits

Illustration for article titled Mitt Romney Says Theres No Legit Reason Donald Trump Cant Release Tax Audits

Mitt Romney decided to make a go at relevancy during the February 25 GOP debate by being very ironic. The former presidential hopeful, who caused a stir back in 2012 over his initial refusal to release his tax returns, took Donald Trump to task over the fact that yes, Virginia, it is possible to turn over your tax audits if the IRS is auditing you.


During the standoff between Trump and his fellow GOP contenders (which Gawker’s Brendan O’Connor astutely characterized as a “slap fight”), Trump admitted that he had not released his tax audits because he’s—no surprise—currently being audited by the IRS. (He did promise during a radio interview a few days prior to release them “at some point, probably.”)

“I’ve been audited every year, 12 years or something like that,” said Trump, because this is a very good reason to elect someone as president of the United States.


“Obviously if I’m getting audited, I’m not going to release a return,” Trump added. “I think people understand that. As soon as the audit is done, I love it.”

Romney took to Twitter to be like HOLD UP, NOT SO, GOOD SIR. Imma let you finish, but.


Romney’s Trump-directed tweets aren’t entirely surprising, given that the entrepreneur and spittle enthusiast had tweeted (negged?) this earlier on in the day.


It might not be Ted Cruz secretly meeting with Ben Carson in a homoerotically-charged storage space, but I’ll take it.

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I am so fucking done. Fuck these assholes. Strap them on a fucking rocket and fire it into the fucking sun. There is nothing redeemable left.

(I’ve just had the month from hell, including a week long hospital stay for pneumonia, and I still can’t breathe right, and I’m probably going to be diagnosed with something scary in the near future, so I may be extra not patient right now but seriously FUCK THEM ALL RIGHT INTO THE FUCKING SUN.)