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MIT Frat Bros Ran Illegal Night Club Complete With Waterfall

Image via Getty
Image via Getty

Don’t you just hate it when you roll up to the club and there’s no waterfall? God, I hate it. Where is the ambiance?!


The frat bros at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology understood this struggle. On Wednesday Boston Police discovered that the Phi Delta Theta fraternity was low-key running a nightclub on the first floor of the house complete with strobe lights, a DJ, and minors illegally drinking booze! And the MIT students had also installed what sounds like a glorious, DIY waterfall on the upper floor of their house which then flowed down the staircase.

The president of the fraternity was issued a violation for hazardous conditions inside the building and reportedly other offenses. To which I say: frat bros...don’t go chasing waterfalls. Please stick to the beer pong that you’re used to.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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This party sounds excellent, particularly the waterfall situation. Although I can see where whoever owns the house might be annoyed about damages. I have never been to a make-shift waterfall party, although I have attended a pool party int he back of a pick-up truck. It was just as glamarous as you’ve always imagined.