Elliott was also recently the guest performer at Alexander Wang's blockbuster H&M line runway show, and has been developing her label, mainly focusing on Sharaya J. So she hasn't left music—she's just hasn't been in any Gap commercials lately.


Here's what Katy Perry said in a Thursday press conference, alluding to Missy's performance:

I wanted to bring someone back. A throwback of sorts that definitely needed some more shine. All I can say is it will be a real female fun night. It's a bit old school. When this person enters the stage and you hear the first ring of the chord I think jaws will drop and faces will melt.

Gonna give Perry the benefit of the doubt but that is a somewhat condescending way to refer to one of the best rapper/singer/producer/style icons in history, especially about someone with whom you collaborated not four years ago. But also, she will be performing "Work It." If they wanted to get really female fun with it they'd perform "Pussycat," but then of course the NFL would sue them for tens of millions of dollars, so that's out. In lieu of that, let's listen to it now. See you Sunday, Missy!

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