Miss USA Rima Fakih: "I've Had A Few Hiccups"

Rima Fakih has just one more week to go in her yearlong reign as Miss USA. A scrutiny-filled year after winning the title, Fakih is simply "proud to say that I am giving up my crown on June 19th and that I still have the crown."


From scandal over leaked photos taken at a pole dancing class to her time spent on the WWE: Tough Enough reality competition show, to bigoted comments about her being a Muslim, there's been no shortage of controversy following the first Arab-American Miss USA's year-long reign. Even in the past month she's been shamed for late-night partying after surveillance tapes surfaced that show her returning to her home at 4am.


When asked if we should all change the way we look a pageants, Fakih detailed the difference between a beauty pageant and Miss USA:

"I'd like to clarify something: you have beauty pageants... but then you have the Miss Universe organization and Miss USA. A lot of people don't understand that Miss USA is just a real woman ... She's a real human being, who has her own opinion, who's an adult who can make her own, mature decisions."

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Violet Baudelaire

I'd just like to say, she is from Michigan, and she was the first Arab - American Miss USA and she's beautiful, and dealt with all this nonsense with class and humor.

I am all for her. Sorry she refused to sleep with you in high school, Fox News

and damn, now i want to go watch Drop Dead Gorgeous!