Miss Piggy to Receive Feminist Award

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Already a world-famous actress, published author, fashion queen and karate black belt, the one and only Miss Piggy can now add the title of feminist icon to her resume. The Renaissance Muppet is the latest to be honored by the Brooklyn Museum’s Sackler Center with a First Award, which celebrates female trailblazers. Miss Piggy will be joining a renowned list of past recipients such as Toni Morrison, Julie Taymor and former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.


According to AP, Miss Piggy will receive the award during a June 4 ceremony where she’ll be interviewed by Gloria Steinem. Elizabeth Sackler, founder of the awards, stated that Miss Piggy was the embodiment of “spirit, determination, and grit” and has taught millions of people valuable lessons about overcoming obstacles. While people may argue that other feminist figures that should be honored instead, I will stand by Miss Piggy. After all, she is strong, independent, body-positive and an unabashed, extreme femme. A true inspiration.

Upon hearing the news, the glamorous Muppet had the perfect response:

“Moi is thrilled.”

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So are other fictional female characters ever given this “award”? Because... no. Honestly this is insulting. Unless this is a “gallery of inspiring female icons” type award, giving it to a Muppet undermines the idea that this is any honor at all. Congrats, previous winners! You’re in the same league as a puppet written, created, and voiced entirely by men. That’s a fucking awful message.