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Miss New York Becomes First Miss America Contestant With Gay Rights Platform

Miss New York, Claire Buffie, is the first contestant in Miss America history to run on a platform of gay rights. In this clip, she explains why she chose that platform, and what she's hoping to accomplish. [Buzzfeed] [Advocate]


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My only criticism: I wish her response to the Carrie Prejean question was a bit stronger, "everyone's entitled to their opinion, but this is the right thing to do and change needs to come" rather than "everyone's entitled, and I'm happy I'll get to share my opinion loudly."

Imagine if, as someone said below, it were the 50s or 60s and this were a civil rights platform about segregation or voting rights. Everyone is "entitled to their own opinion," you can be racist or homophobic in this country, but there's a RIGHT answer here about what needs to be done.