Well, some people are psyched that Miss California USA Carrie Prejean is against same-sex marriage. Who? The people behind he National Organization for Marriage. They've put her in their brand-spanking new ad:

Politico's Ben Smith notes that NOM paints the scenario as Miss California being "immediately attacked." OMG who would attack a pretty, pretty beauty queen? A bitchy gay blogger, that's who. (Dennis Miller says she was asked harder questions than President Obama fields.)


Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese says of the ad:

The only terrible consequence of marriage equality they've demonstrated so far is a gay blogger disagreeing with a beauty queen.

As far as my cameo, I appreciate them emphasizing my point that when debating the merits of this issue they only have lies on which to rely. While we believe in honoring all relationships, their relationship with the truth could use some help.

As Videogum's Lindsay points out about NOM, "their new rationale for denying marriage equality…is basically 'It'll be so much paperwork, you have no idea!'"

Meanwhile, I am pissed. Because the National Organization for Marriage is not NOM. They are RUINING NOM!!! This is NOM:


And this is NOM:


But that organization is not NOM!

Miss California Stars In Ad Opposing Same-Sex Marriage, Gay Group Responds To Marriage Ad [Politico]
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