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Mischievous Wild Turkeys Attack a Mail Carrier's Truck, Forcing Him to Call 911

“You’ve got mail...NOT” “God, why don’t they just do online banking?”
“You’ve got mail...NOT” “God, why don’t they just do online banking?”

A buncha wild turkeys pestered a mail carrier in New Jersey earlier this week by manically threatening him with their presence as he sat in his truck.


Reporting from the town of Hillsdale, ABC News’ Kemberly Richardson asks a local man about the proliferation of turkeys in the area: “If you shoo ’em, they leave, right?” To which he responds, “No. They don’t run.”

The incident (more like harassment), which happened on Tuesday, involved a carrier who was subbing for the day.


After hearing from the frightened employee, the carrier’s boss called 911; the following exchange happened:

Postmaster: “Hey Sarge, this is the postmaster in Hillsdale. You’re not going to believe this, but I have a carrier that’s being attacked by wild turkeys, won’t let him deliver the mail.”

Operator: [Laughs] “Okay, being attacked by turkeys.”

Postmaster: “This has been going on. It’s crazy. I mean, they’re actually attacking, biting, they chase the trucks...”

Listen below, it’s important.


Apparently, turkeys aren’t that hard to get rid of. ABC News reports:

When officers arrived, they scared the turkeys away by walking toward them.

The mail carrier was not injured during the incident, but mail service was briefly held up to three homes on the street.


The mail eventually got delivered. The turkey culprits laughed about the incident later while recounting the story to their friends.

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Oh for the love of god I’m calling bullshit. I have wild turkeys on my farm and you can’t get within 100 feet of them.

This dude has a serious bird phobia or he was just looking for an excuse to take a ‘jerking it off’ break.