Minions Won the Box Office This Weekend and We'll Never Escape Them

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America woke this morning buried in a pile of Minion husks. (They shed, right?)

Entertainment Weekly reports that Minions took the number-one spot at the box office this weekend, bagging $115.2 million in ticket sales. Apparently that’s the second-biggest animated opening weekend ever, after Toy Story 3. “It is the best opening yet for the hugely successful ‘Despicable Me’ franchise, following an ubiquitous marketing effort that blanketed billboards, McDonald’s meals and Inc,” the Wall Street Journal notes, with “ubiquitous” there being the understatement of the century.

We will never escape the Minions. Minions are all around us and they’re digging in for the long haul. Look behind you—I think it’s a Minion.

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My boss loves Minions. She had us get Happy Meals last week so she could add to her Minions collection. It’ll probably happen again this week, and again until she’s got them all. Unfortunately she already had the one that I got in my meal, so now I have my own yellow piece of plastic that yells “BANCAKES!”

What a time to be alive.