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Mini Darth Vader Makes First Super Bowl Ad A Hit

Illustration for article titled Mini Darth Vader Makes First Super Bowl Ad A Hit

Let's not dwell on the disturbing fact that advertisers are now trying to drum up buzz before the Super Bowl even airs. This Volkswagen ad is cute, funny, and provides an excellent idea for messing with kids.

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So cute! I know my seven year old would love it too. It will appeal to his love of Star Wars and also his particular sense of humor. Must show him tomorrow (past bedtime in our timezone).

The other day my husband had just installed some app on his iphone that worked like a remote mouse on the laptop (for using when doing Powerpoint presentations etc). We were letting our boys play some CBBC (children's BBC) games on it upstairs when he started using the remote to randomly move the mouse around. Every couple minutes he'd do it again. We stood silently laughing at the bottom of the stairs as they alternatively said "STOP doing that!" and "It's not me, I'm not doing it!".

The last thing we heard [one brother to the other]: "Are you using the force?"