Mindy Kaling Wants to Talk About Sex A Lot

Mindy Kaling hung out with Chelsea Handler yesterday to talk about sex, her sitcom character's resemblance to Lindsay Lohan and what she considers a "wild night."

"I would be dead if I lived the life of my character," she said of the role she plays on Fox's The Mindy Project. "She's [has] Lindsay Lohan's love life but she's like a doctor....it's kind of fun because I don't live that life."

"Why don't you live that life?" Handler responded, asking the question we're all wondering. "I live that life." (Sure you do, Chelsea.)


Kaling says her idea of a wild night is to drink a tiny bit of whiskey and watch 15 minutes of The Walking Dead, which sort of makes my mom seem like Courtney Love.

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So it's a bad thing if a young woman in show business doesn't want to live la vida loca, yet it's okay for us to laugh at Lohan for her latest antics? This is feminism??