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Mindy Kaling Gave Birth to Her First Child, a Daughter Named Katherine

Photo: Getty 
Photo: Getty 

On Tuesday, E! News reported that Mindy Kaling gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Katherine Kaling, on December 15.


The news of Kaling’s pregnancy was first reported in July, and she described it at the time as “an unexpected surprise.” A month later, Kaling elaborated on NBC’s Sunday Today With Willie Geist that she was “really excited” to become a mom. “It’s so unknown to me,” said Kaling. “I have a lot of control over a lot of aspects of my life, and this is one where I’m like, ‘OK, it’s out of my hands,’ which is kind of a fun feeling.” The 38-year-old actress and writer is starring in the forthcoming film A Wrinkle in Time, as well as Ocean’s 8.

In the following months, Kaling went on to make a few additional, brief statement about her pregnancy (including revealing the sex of her child on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in October), but never revealed the identity of the father.


Congratulations to Mindy!

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Yes! Katherine is the best name! It’s solid and traditional, but has 50 billion nicknames/alternate spellings so you can totally make it match who you are! As a holder of said name, I use one version professionally, one socially, and one with my ride or die people. (In other words, it’s great for people who hyper-compartmentalize). Also, Katherine Kaling is 100% a writer name. Like, she has no other choice, she will be a writer.

I hope Mindy pulls a January Jones and never publically shares the paternity. (But also, I hope it’s Cory Booker).