As promised, today โ€” ahhh today! โ€” at 3pm EST, Ms. Mindy Kaling will be here for a live chat. She'll be tackling your questions, and you can ask her about anything. When the chat goes live โ€” you'll see it on the homepage โ€” you can post your burning questions, concerns, issues in the comments, and we'll pass the best of them (by which I mean most intelligent, funny, or interesting) along to Mindy. And you can watch her respond in real time! It's going to be very special. Like a unicorn on a rainbow made of gourmet marshmallows โ€” but better.

The excitement has us slightly short of breath, but nothing smelling salts can't fix.

(And to be clear, don't post your questions here โ€” save them for the actual post!)