Milo Ventimiglia, who uses those buns for sitting and enticing, told Vulture that he has done nude scenes before, but was still pretty surprised to see his hindquarters were preceding him:

I got to set on day one of filming, walked into my trailer, and I saw varying sizes of nude cloth and tape. And I’ve done [nude scenes] enough times to know exactly strategically how to place my manhood, so as to be respectful of the crew and my co-star... But then it was like, eh, this is NBC, they can’t show this stuff on TV, it’s no big deal. They’re gonna cut and get a side of my hip, or anything like that. But no, when I saw the trailer I’m like, ‘Wow, man, that is my ass and that is my ass before my face. Okay, here we go.’”

The trailer also features glimpses of the other stories intertwining with his derriere, including a man who discovers the father who abandoned him, an actor frustrated with his job, and oh wow, a woman who wants to lose weight! Can’t wait to see how that plays out.


Ventimiglia’s storyline appears to follow the birth of his children, and the loss of one. His wife is played by Mandy Moore, who said she was impressed with how comfortable he was with being naked their very first say on set. As she points out, “I guess if you work that hard for a body like that, I would probably walk around naked all the time, too.”