Photo: AP

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has signed on for a role in an even more retro tale of monsters summoned by technology to wreak havoc on planet Earth. Iā€™m talking of course about another Godzilla movie, a sequel to the Godzilla movie released in 2014, whose plot I just spent way too long reading about and could not summarize for you if saving Las Vegas from several enormous prehistoric lizards depended on it. All I can say is that Godzilla has gotten way more complicated and scary since 1998, when all it took was Matthew Broderick to make everything okay again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new director, Michael Dougherty, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Zach Shields, will direct the latest movie, called Godzilla: King of Monsters, a veiled reference, perhaps, to the autocracy that I fear could be enshrined in the US by the time the film is released in 2019. That probably wasnā€™t the directorā€™s intention, but, who knows, could be topical!

This is Brownā€™s first major film role, according to THR, and well deserved given her excellent work as supernatural wunderkind Eleven on Stranger Things. Iā€™m just not sure we need another Godzilla movie right now. Trump stomping through my news feed every day makes Godzilla seem like a pokĆ©mon by compare.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]