Miley Cyrus Sings 'See You Again' Ten Years Later, and All Is Well

This weekend Miley Cyrus sang her old Disney song “See You Again” ten years after its release, restoring order to pop culture and the USA.

The hit song marked the coming of the ten-year cyclone which was Cyrus (née Hannah Montana), sweeping up Ron Jeremy and Robin Thicke, and spewing out jewel encrusted bongs and deflated flying hot dogs–finally settling somewhere in country roots under a pile of party leftovers. Like her godmother Dolly Parton, she went through the necessary steps to break free from the confines of country (or, Disney) pop: she did the traditional topless Vanity Fair shoot; she tried the Britney Spears ninja orgy crew; she slapped a black woman’s ass on TV like that was okay and twerked in nude rubber underwear like she was getting anally penetrated by Robin Thicke; she brushed off Nicki Minaj; she licked everything; she smoked a lot of weed and maybe she still does, but she’s landed on something authentic but also vegan, a rainbow commune in Malibu. And now she’s engaged to a large beautiful man with a name like Liam, and hopefully they stay married forever and ever.


She also sang “Party in the USA,” which was originally heavily autotuned, in a real, and impressive, voice.

She lost her pants in the process, but sometimes in life, you leave things behind in order to move ahead.


Here’s the original:

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