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Miley Cyrus Fans Want To Rip Lorde's Brains Out For Winning at iTunes

Illustration for article titled Miley Cyrus Fans Want To Rip Lordes Brains Out For Winning at iTunes

Rabid Miley Cyrus fans are lashing out at 16-year-old chanteuse Lorde, who is so uppity that she did not commit hara-kiri immediately after her "Royals" topped Miley as #1 on the iTunes chart. They're slamming her with Dorothy Parker-esque gems like "Your eyes are too far apart" and "kill yourself you crusty old hag." Lorde tweeted:

wo #1 on itunes. even if it lasts an hour i feel HAPPY. downside is all these miley fans telling me they'll stab my rotting corpse.


For the record, though:


[, Ocean Up]

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Miley's flying monkeys can't stop, won't stop: In photos taken one day after the Great Liam/Miley Split, Liam Hemsworth was spotted already sucking face with Mexican telenovela star Eiza Gonzalez — whose alleged plastic surgery addiction has given her the social media nickname "the Michael Jackson of Mexico."

Twitter blew up with digs about Gonzalez, who took to Twitter to say that she had a nose job but nothing else. La da di da di. [Radar Online]


Illustration for article titled Miley Cyrus Fans Want To Rip Lordes Brains Out For Winning at iTunes

James Franco "totally SHOWED us" by posting a bunch of mockups of paparazzi photos of himself kissing women and men to Instagram. Wow, you really "told me what's what," James Franco. Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well. [NYDN]


Charlie Sheen denies that he was having wild nose candy-fueled parties with a pre-rehab Zac Efron on the set of Anger Management. (The two share an agent.) They actually spent a staid afternoon knitting doilies and pressing flowers between books. [TMZ]

  • The one-night stand who pulled a knife on American Pie's Eddie Kaye Thomas has been slapped with a restraining order. It's cool, I have other stuff to do anyway, like crocheting a DIY case for my knife. [TMZ]
  • Britney Spears made stacks of cash for Pepsi ads but invested in Coke. E tu, Brit! [TMZ]
  • Shonda Rhimes welcomed her third child (sixth if you count Grey's, Scandal and Private Practice), a baby girl. [Us Weekly]
  • A judge has stopped exes Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy from secretly recording each other. Ohh, "marriage." [TMZ]
  • Bruce Jenner underwent a second operation for skin cancer. [Gossip Cop]
  • Jack Nicholson had quaalude-poppin' sex parties in his house in the '70s. Color me shocked. [Radar Online]
  • Jay Z and Beyonce are Forbes' highest-earning celebrity couple. I KNOW, you thought they were living in a van down by the river. [Gossip Cop]
  • Justin Timberlake is a Miley fan. [Us Weekly]
  • Also, he and Jessica Biel wore the same outfit. [Page Six]
  • The trailer for the Marvin Gaye biopic, starring Jesse L. Martin. [NYDN]
  • Scott Disick is trying to be a rapper now, which is absolutely necessary for all of us to continue living. [TMZ]
  • Chris Hemsworth hates doing nude scenes, which means a grand total of one person hates when Chris Hemsworth does nude scenes. [People]
  • First picture of Jeremy Renner's new baby girl, Ava. [Us Weekly]
  • Mila Kunis comforted Ashton Kutcher at a big-time Kabbalah dude's funeral. [Us Weekly]

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MoonCat82 is a nomnivore

What the hell is wrong with those girls? I was once a teenage girl and never, ever did I want a musician I didn't care for want to DIE. You see this with "romantic rivals" too like anybody Justin Beiber or One Direction dates too. Is this sort of behavior new or was it just super quiet and only stayed in crappy $1 journals during the 80s?