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Miley Cyrus Brands Her Body With an Avocado

Illustration for article titled Miley Cyrus Brands Her Body With an Avocado

Miley Cyrus truly loves herself some avocados. The singer recently posted a photo on Instagram of her new tat—a portrait of a little avocado on her arm. Her latest ink comes just a few days after the very controversial Guacamole Gate and just in time for today’s holiday where Americans all over the nation are gorging on chips and guac, all day long. Coincidence? I think not.


It was only a matter of time for Miley to permanently mark herself with an ode to the alligator pear. (I just learned that was another name for an avocado.)


There was this tweet from 2012:

And this Instagram post where she chooses her precious avocados over the drought, saying, “My dogs know wtf is up! I am addicted to avocados and I really don’t wanna give them up.... #ladrought ?!?!?!”


In my days of yore, I pondered getting an avocado tattoo myself, until I realized it would probably just look like a big-ass mole after a while. Miley’s looks cute, though.

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Images via Getty and Miley’s Instagram.

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