For some strange reason, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey evoke a similar emotional response in me, like they inhabit the same space in different dimensions or something. Sure Miley's the brazen party girl and Lana is more demure and, I dunno, prairie-chic? Still.

They're both rich-as-hell white women. They're both into maintaining a very calculated image—and for both of them, that image is like a tarnished silver plate. Steeped in decadence, but striving for a streetwise ruggedness. They've both been accused of the heinous crime of trying too hard. And they both reference and take from hip hop culture (and cholo culture in LDR's case). Sure it plays out in very, very different ways, but the formula is there.

It just so happened that both dropped a new song over the weekend.

Here's Miley's "Last Goodbye," a break up song that didn't didn't make it to the Bangerz album.

And here's Lana Del Rey's song "Brooklyn Baby" about being a hipster, but back when being a hipster was cool. No really.

Which do you think is better?

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