Miles Teller's Car Flips After Collision With an Uber

Image via Getty.

Miles Teller and his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry were involved in a car accident Thursday night in San Fernando Valley after an Uber driver made an “unsafe” left turn in front of them. TMZ reports Teller’s bright blue Bronco flipped to its side after the collision, which gave the two Uber passengers “minor injuries.”

Though witnesses claim Teller (who was not hurt) “appeared concerned about the 2 injured people,” he showed far less sympathy for their driver. After the accident, he reportedly got out of his truck and screamed, “You fucked up my truck!” He “was so angry that people had to restrain him from attacking the Uber driver.”


After looking at photos from the crash, which show the Bronco on its side and the Uber’s vehicle crumpled up just behind it, you may understand his reaction. You may even scream, “He fucked up Miles Teller’s truck!”

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