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Mike Pence is reportedly deciding whether or not he should stay on this sinking ship or leap to safety while he still can.

According to the Indianapolis Star, Pence’s decision hinges largely on Trump’s debate performance this evening:

So far, there is no talk inside the Pence campaign of leaving the ticket, sources close to Pence told IndyStar, but they say any future decisions were contingent on Trump’s performance during tonight’s debate at Washington University in St. Louis.

The Indiana governor is “feeling low and concerned, but soldiering on,” said one Republican official who is close to Pence. “Much depends on tonight’s debate.”

Pence is weighing the “long-term best interest of the Republican Party,” the source said. “Everything is on the table, but the assumption is that they will plan to stay in the saddle with Trump if he performs halfway well tonight.”


More accurately, Pence is weighing the long-term best interest of his own political future. The question now, of course, is if Pence bails, who takes over? Will Chris Christie finally, finally get his shot? Giuliani? Ivanka? A potato wearing a hat?!

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