Mike Huckabee Now Has Ties To Another Accused Child Molester

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The man who co-wrote two books for Mike Huckabee is an accused child molester. BuzzFeed reports John Perry, co-author of books with titles like Character Makes a Difference, So Help Me God, and (get a load of this one) For Faith & Family: Changing America by Strengthening the Family, “was accused of child molestation in two separate lawsuits.”

A 2012 police investigation of Perry’s alleged offenses found that “the allegations of sexual battery were sustained” but that the statute of limitations had expired.

In a sworn affidavit submitted during divorce proceedings, Perry’s ex-wife attests that she “filed for divorce as a result of Mr. Perry’s inappropriate marital conduct, to which he admitted to in his Response to Interrogatories numbers 1 and 2.” Throughout the court documents, “inappropriate marital conduct” appears to be a euphemism for the alleged molestation.


Huckabee, who recently made headlines for defending the Duggar family during their molestation scandal, has not yet commented on the news about Perry.

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