Middle-School Teacher Wins $1 Million on Wheel of Fortune, Flips Out

You know what never gets old? People completely losing their shit after winning huge sums of money on game shows. The latest addition to the genre is this middle school teacher, who's just the third person to take home Wheel of Fortune's million-dollar bonus prize.

She flipped out, of course. It's almost as fun as watching people be completely terrible at Wheel of Fortune!

The winner is 42-year-old math Maryland teacher Sarah Manchester, who told the Washington Post that she sat on the floor grading papers during tryouts. She went on a lark and definitely didn't expect to hit the jackpot: "Even though I knew that it was a possibility [in the game], it didn't seem like something that could really happen." But win she did, quickly cracking the bonus-round puzzle.


Much of the windfall will go into college funds for her kids, charity donations and a family trip to France.

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AHHH! As a middle school teacher (at an all boys' middle school. The adventures and mysterious smells never stop, my friends) with many, many friends in the field (including a college friend who was on the episode 2 days ago! Yeahhhh Heidi!), this warms my heart to no end. In today's climate of, essentially, "Fuck The Teachers: Education Reform Means All Y'all Suck Balls And Corporations Are The Bomb-Diggity," seeing a teacher get a little karmic boost from the universe is the GREATEST. Hugs and high fives, Ms. Manchester.