Middle School Students Arrested for Throwing, Recording 'Sex Party'

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Four Wisconsin middle school students are facing criminal charges after they recorded themselves having sex at what the local media has creatively termed a "sex party." Although the videos weren't shared on social media, the local chief of police says he wants to send a message that such sex-recording is unacceptable.

Four students at Brown Deer Middle School in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, were arrested after reports leaked out of a party that was allegedly held over winter break. The students accused of recording sexual activity on their phones are all reportedly between 13 and 15 years of age. Police are recommending to the district attorney's office that they be charged with first- and second-degree sexual assault of a child.

The middle school says they're "deeply troubled" by the allegations, while Police Chief Michael Kass told the Associated Press that the charges are meant to show the youngsters, as he put it, that "This type of behavior isn't going to be condoned by law enforcement, nor school officials, nor shouldn't be by parents, really, when we're talking kids that are middle-school-age." It does seem like there is, perhaps, a less draconian way to punish these kids? Given that for most middle school students, taking away his or her phone is more painful than being dragged over thousands of miles of red hot coals?


Nonetheless: teens, for the thousandth time, do not take any goddamn sex selfies.

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Fucking middle school?! WTF! Why are these kids having sex so young? And seriously...don't record this shit!

When I was in middle school, fucking forever ago, people were not having sex! French kissing was a big deal! When I substitute taught for a while in the early 00's, I took note away from a 7th grade girl, written to a boy, about giving another boy a blow job. I was flooded that things like that were going on at that age. She asked if she could have the note back, and I asked her if she was worried about what I would do with it, she responded "no, everyone knows anyway!" My heart broke a little. I ended up taking the note home and destroying it. I didn't want to leave it for the teacher and get her in a shit load of trouble, and I didn't want to throw it out there and risk having someone else find it.