Microsoft Understands How Much You Gals Love Weddings

Microsoft spends a lot of time attempting to zing Apple. Their latest try is pitched to the ladies and focuses on the fact Mac laptops don't have touch screens. A pretty simple concept! But just in case, the company decided to explain it in terms of wedding planning. Because ladies love weddings.

"It's more affordable, it looks great, and it's perfect for planning my wedding," says the bride-to-be of her new gadget. See, girls, Microsoft speaks your language! "Instead of passing around a tiny tablet, the 20-inch touch screen makes it easier for my friends to check Pinterest, search for the wedding band, and their share ideas." How did anyone plan a wedding before the advent of 20-inch touch screens? Truly, it is a mystery.


"Now if they only like their bridesmaids dresses as much as my Windows all-in-one." Oh, you!

The video is part of a campaign featuring various use cases for new products running Windows. Another recent ad stars a mom who just wants her kids to stop fighting over her laptop.

(h/t CNET)

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