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Microsoft Ad Proves That Advertisers Are Becoming Totally Cool with Same-Sex Couples

Another day, another encouraging sign that same-sex marriage has gone totally mainstream: a new ad for Microsoft Outlook features a lesbian wedding, which is paired in the many-people-who-use-Outlook pitch with a stuntman launching his exploding delivery van off of a ramp. According to AdWeek, this ad, along with an earlier Kindle ad, shows that a major hurdle within the popular perception of gay marriage has finally been cleared: advertisers have decided "that endorsing gay marriage won't hurt their bottom line."


With Hillary Clinton's very public endorsement of gay marriage yesterday, it might not be too soon to take AdWeek's conclusion a step further: advertisers are starting to realize that endorsing gay marriage not only doesn't hurt their bottom line — it improves the bottom line, because (and this may come as an earth-trembling shock to opponents of gay marriage) same-sex couples are just as willing as heterosexual couples to annoy their friends and Facebook acquaintances with minute-by-minute updates about their wedding theme.


via AdWeek

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Gonzo the Something

It's cute and all, but...

Does anybody else think willowy lesbian couples will always be more acceptable than burly old bear couples (or non-lipstick lesbian couples for that matter?)