Mick Foley Will Answer Your Questions, Fix Your Life

Wrestling legend, friend of the site and all-round great guy Mick Foley will answer Jezebel readers' questions about life, love, or anything you want. On video.


Fresh off receiving a medal for his reasonableness at Jon Stewart's rally last weekend and promoting his latest book, Mick's ready to talk about whatever's on your mind: family, career, love, sex — even beauty and grooming.


Speaking of which, as Mick said in his first shoutout above, let's set the record straight: This is not a mullet.

Ask here in the comments or email us. We'll pick the best questions of the lot.

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i feel like a complete loser. i just turned 26, got out of a 2.5 year relationship with an alcoholic. dont have my degree, or really the funds to go to college . i was a hairstylist, and currently unemployed and feel like i do not want to do hair anymore.

originally i studied sociology and philosophy in scotland, but it became too expensive. ive always wanted a job that helps others. i would love to work for a non-profit or really any company that tries to better the world/community. but it is incredibly hard to get a decent job or a foot in the door without a degree.

i know this is probably not your field of expertise. but if you have any advice at all, it would be so greatly appreciated. I just want to be able to find a job and start a career I can be proud of, and stop being so hard on myself.