Mick Foley Brings It On Fox News

Maybe it was a coincidence that Mick Foley — currently on a fundraising drive for RAINN — was on the late-night Fox News show Red Eye last night just as the host went on a rant about Toronto's SlutWalk. But he wasn't just going to sit there.


Host Greg Gutfeld proclaimed that he wasn't against the goals of Slutwalk per se — it's just no one ever lets him say anything bad about Muslims. Or, put another way, he accused North American feminists of turning a blind eye to the victimization of women in the Islamic world by fighting slutshaming here. Thanks for the wakeup call, Greg! You're right, we nevertalk about that, or the views of actual Muslim women around the world, for that matter.

Anyway, Mick rightly called this out as a false choice. "Look, the world gets an F in their treatment of women," he said. "But we're getting a C-minus and we're bragging about it."

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Slay Belle

I'm sort of curious about what the woman on the panel really wanted to say because every time they cut to her, she had massive bitch face on. She looked really pissed off.

And, uh, nice job cameraman, cutting to a long shot so we could see how short the female panelists skirt was while the host talks about wearing short skirts and fishnets and being slutty.