Michelle Obama To Send Hordes Of Women To Talbots

Illustration for article titled Michelle Obama To Send Hordes Of Women To Talbots

The Essence cover of Michelle Obama and her mother Marian Robinson is out! They look so cute, and Michelle's dress comes from Talbots. She can make even Talbots look good? Damn her. [GlamChic]


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Am I the only person who really couldn't care less what Michelle Obama is wearing, like ever?

First, I'm much more interested in what she's doing or thinking or saying or planning. And if I have to hear about her arms or her wardrobe one more time I'm going to hurt a puppy.

Second, the restrictions of being First Lady don't exactly give one a whole lot of latitude for interesting style options to make it worth watching. It's like you can choose between very conservative, or ooh! conservative. Nor does it offer any clothing style I'd even remotely want to emulate, unless I wanted to look like a prominent politician's wife. Which I don't. Because I'm not. When you get down to it, really all First Ladies have pretty much had to dress like, well, the President's wife. So why, oh why do we have to go through this with every new one?

is it just me? are my pants cranky?