Michelle Obama to Guest Star on -- Wait For It -- Nashville

She's appeared on the Oscars, The Biggest Loser, iCarly, Restaurant: Impossible, and almost every major talk show. Now, for the first time, Michelle Obama will be appearing as herself on a scripted TV show for adults. And the lucky show is... Nashville.

According to The AV Club, here's how Mrs. Obama will fit into the upcoming episode:

...the First Lady will be on hand as part of one of the approximately 50 weekly charity concerts that take place in the series' world—this one organized by Connie Britton's Rayna James at Fort Campbell, after she learns that Luke Wheeler has been injured in Afghanistan, ostensibly while performing at one of the other charity concerts.


The magical combination of Michelle Obama and Connie Britton isn't something I would have seen coming, but I'll take it.

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