Michelle Obama Looks Smoking Hot on the New Cover of Vogue

What a difference four years make. In addition to going from "already gorgeous" to "even gorgeouser," the Michelle Obama's new Vogue cover (on newsstands March 26) is considerably more...relaxed, let's say, compared to her first appearance in 2009. And why wouldn't she be happily exhaling? Her job certainly hasn't gotten any easier, but after the first four years on the FLOTUS treadmill, Anna Wintour is a cakewalk. Moreover, the hair may change, but the arms stay the same. The overall effect is bangin' (no pun intended).

If you recall, her hubby also made the transition from "serious business" to a more relaxed, "I got this."


Call it the "second term effect." It's a good look for both of them.

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