Michelle Obama Is One Lucky Woman

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  • Michelle Obama (wearing Jason Wu) hung out with the other G-20 spouses today, listening to opera, drinking wine and hearing J.K. Rowling read from her new book. Jealous yet? [Washington Post]
  • She and Barack gave the Queen an iPod yesterday, so just wait for the British press to start bitching about how they are terrible gift-givers again. The Queen gave them a framed portrait of herself, but that's "tradition" and not a shitty gift. [NY Times]
  • Obama's aunt Zeituni Onyango will get 10 months to prepare for her new deportation hearing because of massive backlogs in the system. [Washington Post]
  • Mitt Romney told Republicans to stop rooting for Obama to fail, so he's obviously going to run again in 2012. [The Hill]
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair (and Maryland Congressman) Chris Van Hollen told liberal interest groups to stop trying to unseat more moderate Democrats and focus on expanding the Democratic majority, calling it a "circular firing squad." They told him to fuck off and tried to figure out whether they could run ads against him, too. [Politico]
  • Bobby Jindal doesn't want Obama's damn money to give health insurance to poor people. He wants to be President, man. [ThinkProgress]
  • General David Petraeus said what everyone is thinking anyway: that the new hard-line Israeli government might preemptively attack Iran if Iran gets any closer to nukes. Freaking out ensued. [Huffington Post]
  • Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty is about to have to decide whether it's more important to get re-elected in 2010 or have backing for a Presidential run in 2012, as he's about to have to decide to finally certify Al Franken's win in last November's Senate election or pretend like Norm Coleman has a snowball's chance in hell to placate a bunch of Senators that don't even live in Minnesota. Hmmm, serve his constituents? Or serve his own personal ambition? So, hope you like having only one Senator, Minnesotans! [Politico]
  • Sexytime headline of the day: Holder's bold stroke [Politico]
  • Your Sexytime Administration news clip of the day: Peter Orszag on The Daily Show (assuming you like your men just a little nerdy, very smart and kind of powerful) is below. [via Ezra Klein]



I have very little need for tradition and what not, iPods be damned, but Michelle and Barack totally did not greet the Queen in the right way and it kind of freaked me out. Why, I do not know, but it did.