Michelle Obama Insists that the 2012 Election Isn’t Going to Be a Landslide

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Barack Obama won the presidency by a really big margin back in 2008, mostly because he was up against a duo that seemed more like a superhero's comic relief villains that writers and illustrators parade out when they need a light-hearted Christmas issue. Speaking at a brunch fundraiser at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY on Sunday, Michelle Obama reminded her husband's supporters that, this election cycle, the Republicans have drummed up a more formidable foe.


"This election will be closer than the last one," she said. "That is the only thing I can guarantee you. So he [Barack Obama] needs your help." She suggested that even people in comfortably blue states could help out by spending some time in a swing state, because the first thing a taxpaying, politically fluent Democrat wants to do is spend time proselytizing gun collectors in central Pennsylvania. The First Lady urged her New York audience,

If things look good where you are, if you're in one of these wonderful states where things are great, then pack a bag. Pack a bag, spend some time in a battleground state like Pennsylvania. I could name a few that are very near, driveable.


Certainly there's something else Democrats can do short of embarking on summer road trips to rural America (not that it isn't lovely or anything, but, you know, the new Batman comes out next week, so...). Vanessa Williams was at the brunch — maybe she could record a hit song or something? That sounds like a better idea. Let's all help Vanessa Williams compose a new song. We can write it as a renku, so that everybody gets to have a little stake (and of course royalty cash money) in it.

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It is my hope that the author of this piece is unaware of the racial significance of the word, "cakewalk." Whether he is or isn't, its use is completely inappropriate and shocking for a progressive site such as Jezebel.