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Michelle Obama And Jill Biden Get Booed By NASCAR Fans

Illustration for article titled Michelle Obama And Jill Biden Get Booed By NASCAR Fans

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden were in Florida today for a NASCAR event, and they didn't exactly receive a warm welcome. They were supporting Joining Forces, a White House initiative to hire and train veterans, which is about as unobjectionable as they come. The ladies received a standing ovation at a pre-race event, but then when the two of them were introduced to the crowd at the race there was a loud, sustained booing sound. (You can hear it starting at the 1:36 mark below.) So much for good sportsmanlike conduct, NASCAR fans!


First Lady Michelle Obama Booed At NASCAR Race [Mediaite]

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Rep. Betty McCollum, suggested that a way of cutting back on government spending would be to cut the Pentagon's spending on Nascar sponsorship. She received death threats.

So, while I realize not all NASCAR fans are classless asshats, I am not surprised by this.