Our beloved confusing quote generator, Michele Bachmann, took to the airwaves today to spout all manner of nonsense, but among the most amusing things she said—and it's only amusing because we're so far past the point of taking anything she says seriously that we can barely even remember a time when we did—was regarding Occupy Wall Street. Bachmann appeared on CNN's State of the Union and to absolutely no one's surprise criticized the movement, saying it wouldn't take hold in America like her cherished Tea Party has.

The strength is not with Occupy Wall Street. If you go to the essence of what Occupy Wall Street stands for, it's having other people pay for their stuff.

Oh, is that what it's about?! And here we all were thinking it was about people not wanting corporations to take things from them. Shows what we know!

Michele Bachmann: Occupy Wall Street Wants Other People To 'Pay For Their Stuff' [Huffington Post]