Michele Bachmann Misuses Katy Perry's "Firework" On Campaign Trail

Before Michele Bachman was glitterized at the Right Online conference, she walked out to Katy Perry's "Firework." Apparently Bachmann doesn't know Perry dedicated the song to the "It Gets Better" campaign, because the woman who once described The Lion King as homosexual brainwashing is no fan of gays. The video makes it clear that the song is about tolerance, but it's easy to see how Bachmann wound up pulling a "Born in the USA." Firework bras are as American as apple pie!

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Can someone tell me why candidates on the campaign trail keep doing this and it keeps being news? It doesn't seem anyone ever gets in trouble for using songs without permission. George Harrison just like, gets huffy that (if I remember correctly) Bob Dole used "Taxman," or the Boss is honked off about McCain using "Born in the USA" but...are there any repercussions or anything? Every election cycle there are about 3 of these stories so I wonder...if no one gets in trouble for it and people keep doing it, why do we keep reporting it? I'm not being snarky—I am flabbergasted that Michele Bachman is even more out of touch and delusional than I thought she was, as evidenced by her use of this song. But...as far as these, "they didn't have permission to use my song" stories go...why does it keep happening?