Michele Bachmann Doesn't Mind Being Called Sexy

In response to a Pawlenty aide referring to her "sex appeal," Bachmann said, ""Well, listen, I'm 55 years old. I've given birth to five kids and I've raised 23 foster kids, so that sounds like good news to me." Did she mention the foster kids?

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Michele provided temporary care for 23 teenage girls that had eating disorders. The last time they fostered a child was before the Y2K. She was reimbursed by the state for each child she cared for.

As great as fostering children is, and I'm only saying this because she feels the need to make it known every 5 minutes, why didn't she adopt any children? Foster kids are bounced back and forth between homes for their whole life, it's extremely depressing, but people that adopt don't receive the type of financial aid that foster parents do and actually "raise" their children.