Michele Bachmann Conveniently Embraces Religious Tolerance

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Earlier today our old pal Republican Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann stopped by CNN's State of the Union to talk with Candy Crowley. When asked whether Mitt Romney, who is a Mormon, can be called a Christian, Bachmann did not feel like going into it.

"This is so inconsequential as far as this campaign is concerned. We have religious tolerance in this country, and we understand that people have different views on their faith."

Ohhhh, we do?? Tell us more, Michelle, because it sort of seems like you and many of your fellow candidates haven't been that into the religious freedoms of certain groups of people, like, say, Muslims.

To be fair, she also likes to dodge questions about whether she thinks Barack Obama is a Christian, so at least she's consistent! When Candy Crowley pressed her, saying that the issue is not inconsequential given that conservative Christians have lots of sway in the Republican primaries, Bachmann went even further.

"Candidates can have the faith that they want, but the beauty about America is that we do have tolerance for each one's faith and that's where it's at."


Straight from the horse's mouth, folks! And anyway, she's not even worried about religion because it will have nothing to do with her presidency...

"I don't think that I'll be judged based on my faith as President of the United States. I think I'll be judged based upon the good ideas that I have to turn the economy around and have job creation."

Umm, sorry, but real quick can you just remind us what those ideas were again?


[Via The Daily Beast]

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Bs Baldwin

Wait, the same Michele Bachmann that has been on a "christian" radio network that has called for no new mosques to be built in the country says there is religious tolerance in this country. Unbelievable.