Michael Lohan was arrested early this morning after cops in Tampa, Florida, received a domestic violence phone call from his home. The AP reports Lohan was charged with battery on his girlfriend.

According to TMZ, "Michael Lohan's ex-girlfriend told police he flipped out and threatened to kill her because 'she wouldn't give him a 'blow job.'"


More details:

Now this part is classic Lohan: We're told Michael complained of chest pains when he was taken into custody — so police took him to a hospital. We're told Michael was treated, and then was attempting to slip out of the hospital on his own — until an officer spotted him, hauled him down to jail and booked him for the alleged domestic violence.


And that's not all. TMZ also has a report from Kate Major, who says Lohan told her he would "slit both his wrist and her wrist." He also threatened to throw her off of a 4th floor balcony. Allegedly.


Lohan also spoke with police ...insisting last night's incident was triggered by a sexual encounter ... described in graphic detail in the police report.

"[Kate Major] did not want Michael to ejaculate inside her. Michael Lohan stated he did ejaculate in her and his girlfriend got very angry."


As you may know, Lohan was arrested for punching his brother-in-law in 2005. While awaiting sentencing, he had a car accident and was charged with DUI. He served two and a half years in prison.

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