Michael Cavallari, Missing Brother of Kristin Cavallari, Found Dead

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In sad news, Michael Cavallari, the brother of Kristin Cavallari, was found dead in Grand County, Utah, approximately two weeks after going missing. “We have just been informed by the authorities my brother’s body has been found,” Kristin said in a statement to E! News. “This is a very painful time and we are still processing it all. We kindly ask everyone please respect our privacy during our time of grieving.”


The Grand County Sheriff’s Department released the following statement on Thursday afternoon:

At approximately 10:30 a.m. search crews located remains believed to be that of Michael Cavallari. At this time, the body is being transported to the Office of the Utah Medical Examiner for positive identification and to determine the cause of death. The search crews were searching the Salt Wash area, near exit 175 on I-70 in Grand County. The terrain where the body was located is a steep and very rocky area.


Damn, what a horrible thing for a family to go through.

Abigail Breslin is not here for your rape jokes:

Nicki Minaj either will or will not vote for Hillary Clinton, according to her recent interview in Billboard.


Via Gossip Cop:

When asked about Clinton, Minaj indicated she wasn’t fully on board. She said she supports Clinton “as a woman,” but adds, “Am I convinced that she should be the next president? I still want to be open-minded about everyone.” And while Minaj hasn’t endorsed Clinton, she praises the Democratic presidential frontrunner for “sticking it out,” noting how Clinton has “gone through horrifying things, even within her marriage. She has been brave and weathered the storm. And continued being a boss. That’s something that every woman should feel inspired by, no matter if you’re voting for her or not.”


Okie doke!

  • Bless all the gossip sites who are reporting on Camille Paglia calling Taylor Swift “Nazi Barbie.” [Gossip Cop]
  • The very bright Rowan Blanchard does not call Taylor Swift “Nazi Barbie,” but has some thoughts about “squad goals” all the same. [US Weekly]
  • Kim Kardashian wants to donate 1,000 pairs of shoes. [E! News]
  • Ending on a happy note, I can’t stop laughing at Dennis Quaid’s mispronunciation of “Saoirse Ronan.” [Dlisted]

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The columnist claims Swift’s “twinkly persona is such a scary flashback to the fascist blondes who ruled the social scene during my youth.”

This just makes it look like Camille Paglia’s whole spiel was nothing more than a bitter slap at her high school’s “mean girls”. Get over it.