Michael B. Jordan Is Also Starring in Black Panther, It's Gonna Be Amazing

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Some personal news to share: Marvel’s Black Panther has added another major star to its cast—a star who is also known as my boyfriend. Michael B. Jordan, my boyfriend, is re-teaming with director Ryan Coogler, after they worked together on last year’s Creed.


Jordan also starred as Oscar Grant in Coogler’s directorial feature debut, Fruitvale Station, and, remember, MBJ has superhero experience from Fantastic Four. Jordan joins Lupita Nyong’o and Chadwick Boseman (who’s playing Black Panther) in this prematurely incredible movie, which opens February 2, 2018. No word yet which characters Jordan and Nyong’o and Jordan are playing from the comic book.

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*whispers* I hope there isn’t a single white person in the entire movie.