Michael Avenatti Wants Stormy Daniels to Have Her Day in Court Like Yesterday

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Michael Avenatti is filing a motion with a Los Angeles federal judge asking to proceed with Stormy Daniels’s case against President Trump and his business dirtbag icon of a lawyer Michael Cohen. In April, Judge James Otero put the case on hold for 90 days, citing Cohen’s legal woes—a lil’ FBI raid, no big—as the catalyst.


As you probably know by now, Daniels sued Trump, Cohen, and Cohen’s shell company in an attempt to void the nondisclosure agreement she signed prior to the 2016 election and which prevented her from speaking out about her alleged affair with Trump.

Cohen, a central witness in the Daniels case, invoked his Fifth Amendment right to avoid incriminating himself in a separate criminal investigation he’s currently embroiled in. Otero argued that, because of this, he won’t be able to defend themselves against Daniels’s claims in court. But Avenatti believes that the case can proceed just fine without Cohen. Cohen Schmohen.

From CNN:

Avenatti cited “new facts” stemming from recent statements made by Trump, as well as his attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Avenatti argued that both have suggested the criminal probe in New York on Cohen’s businesses and that the $130,000 payment to Daniels did not result in campaign finance violations.

“Mr. Trump and Mr. Giuliani’s new revelations concerning the Settlement Agreement and $130,000 payment demonstrate that Defendants Trump and EC are fully equipped to defend Plaintiff’s declaratory judgment claim even without Mr. Cohen,” Avenatti wrote. “Further, because Plaintiff agrees a stay should be maintained as to Mr. Cohen’s deposition for the remaining 90 days covered by the Court’s prior order, Mr. Cohen will not have to assert the Fifth Amendment privilege on specific questions.”

In other words, thanks to Trump and Giuliani’s fat mouths, Avenatti thinks he has found a way to keep this shit show on the road. Oop!

The hearing for Avenatti’s motion has been set for June 21.

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